You know what hurts?

When someone breaks your heart.

You know what hurts even more?

When the same person breaks your heart again.

I was trying to be a good friend. I was really trying to be a good friend. Aside from the fact that I was trying to show you how much you meant to me, which I…

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One of my favorite One Tree Hill episodes. 

Nathan and Haley, you showed me love. <3

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5 reasons why I can’t be in a relationship.

1. I love flirting. I let me know that I still have a market out there and it feels good.

2. I can’t be in 2 places at the same time. When I’m with my boyfriend and my friends text me, Imma be effing jealous. Plus, I always wanna go out on Saturday nights, please.

3. I tend to be clingy. Boys don’t like that.

4. My family is not prepared for it. They have not met a guy for 26 years.

5. I can’t be in a freaking relationship because all 4 items listed above are hypocrisy. I like flirting in hopes of finding that one guy who is man enough to get to know me better. I can spend Saturday nights with him. Alone. Anywhere. I don’t need boys, I need a man and men like clingy women. My family  prays every night that I’ll finally meet the right man for me. TRUTH IS, I wanna be in a relationship so bad, I can’t afford to have it and lose it when I’m already all about it. So, I’d rather not have it than lose it anyway.

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